Dust Mask Neoprene


Reusable Neoprene Face Mask with Filter

Advanced Filtration Technology: Fightech Filters (6 included) are Tested at Nelson Laboratories, USA. Replaceable Activated Carbon Filters catch particulate down to .1 Micron. Average Filtration Efficiency: 99.941%. Each filter is individually packed and comes with an Anti-Fog Nose Bridge that redirects hot air out toward the sides of your mask, venting it safely away from your lenses.


1. Hold the ear loop in each hand with the nose clip facing up. 2. Position the mask under the chin. 3. Pull each ear loop over the ear and adjust as needed. 4. Shape the nose clip to create a seal. the tighter the seal, the better the filters can trap incoming particles. For maximized performance, the mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so that all inhaled air can pass through the filter.