Wrist Wraps for Weight Lifting

  • COMPETITION GRADE QUALITY: Designed for serious workouts and lifting, these heavy duty wrist wraps support men and women who work hard in the gym.
  • 18” WRIST WRAPS: Ideal for men and women, these wrist wraps adjust to ensure the best fit possible to protect your wrists while lifting.
  • STURDY THUMB LOOP: Keep your wrist braces in place with sturdy, reinforced thumb loops that won’t rip or tear, even with everyday use.
  • MAGIC TAPE HOOKS, LOOPS: Don’t damage your weight lifting wrist wraps (or anything else in your bag). Magic Tape hooks and loops are non-abrasive.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: If your Fightech Wrist Wrap is poorly fitting, you find anything missing or different than expected, PLEASE reach out to us and we will issue a full refund or replace the Wrist Brace.

Q. What is the length of the wrist wrap?

Our wrist wrap is 18” long.

Q. Are they one size fits all?

Yes, they can fit both men and women. You just need to adjust the straps accordingly

Q. How to wear wrist wrap?

Find the thumb loop, and hold the wrist wrap with the thumb loop pointing upwards. Put your thumb through the thumb loop. Wrap the wrist wrap around your arm until the wrist wrap is comfortably tight, then secure it with the Magic Tape.

Q. Do wrist wraps reduce the pain in the wrists?

Yes, they help to secure your wrist joint, keep it safe from injury and reduce pain

Q. When should I use wrist wraps?

You should use the wrist wraps during heavy or max effort lifts during pressing movements and overhead lifts.