Lifting Hooks for Weight Lifting


 The Ultimate Workout Straps for Weightlifting - Now Even Stronger

At first glance, most powerlifting hooks look almost identical. But, take a closer look and you’ll see that there’s more to the design than you imagined. Created to be the strongest, most intelligent weight lifting hooks on the market, our design not only helps you shift your weight from your palms to your wrists so that you get more grip, but it also provides added comfort for your most grueling workouts.

By improving the construction of the strap by using extra thick neoprene (9.5 mm) and attractive mesh material, our hook wraps for weightlifting are made to last - and look good workout after workout.

Take your gym sessions to the next level with the ultimate weightlifting grips.

Q. What are the dimensions of the hooks?

The lifting hook is ultra thick (9.5mm) and extra wide (3.5”) neoprene strap, 2.5” wide heavy-duty hooks

Q. Can they fit both man and woman?

Our weight lifting straps fit both man and woman,thanks to our wide hooks & loops fastening, whether your wrists are large or small you can adjust the straps according to your wrists.

Q. How much weight can the weight lifting hooks handle?

Our product can manage weights up to 300lbs.

Q. Do they protect your wrists?

Yes! With the help of hook wraps for weightlifting the pressure on your palms transfers to your wrists.

Q. For which exercises can I use the lifting hooks?

Lat Pull Downs, Shrugs, Pull-Ups, Low Rows and other back and shoulder exercises.