Ankle Straps for Cable Machines


Do you love going to the gym but hate the old, torn fitness straps everyone uses? Would you like to have your own equipment so you can train in comfort? Are you looking for the best quality ankle braces for the cable machine? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered!

One of the Most Essential Accessories for Every Fitness Fanatic!

Anyone that’s serious about working out needs their own cable machine ankle braces because let’s face it, no one wants to use the old, torn ones that everyone else uses at the gym! With the FIGHTECH ankle straps, you can have your very own gear and get the best training possible! 

Get Shredded: The strong and comfortable ankle braces will help you get fit and strong using the cable machine in the easiest way possible! 

Q. What do you use ankle straps for?

Ankle straps are most commonly used as attachments to pulley machines at the gym. The straps allow for resistance from the lower body while doing strength exercises and look like ankle-sized belts.

Q. What is an ankle strap?

A single or multiple strap attached to a shoe to hold it on the foot or having a purely ornamental function and passing either above the instep near the arch or around the ankle.

Q. How to use ankle straps?

Open the ankle strap by pulling the fabric fastener straps apart and then wrap the strap around your ankle with the soft side facing in toward your skin. Pull the strap through the double D-ring at the end of the ankle strap and then secure the rough end of the fabric fastener to the soft side of the fastener.

Q. How to use ankle straps for cable machines?

Simply by hooking up your straps to the cable machine

Q. Are they comfortable?

These cable machine cuffs are padded and very soft for added comfort, so you can work out with ease without getting hurt or experiencing any discomfort.