FIGHTECH® is a family business focused on producing and refining our custom line of sports and health products. We stand behind every piece of gear we sell and want you to be satisfied with them. If for any reason our products don’t work for you, just send them back and we will promptly refund you no questions asked.

Our office and warehouse are located in Long Island, New York


    Here is what we believe in

    1. 100% Customer Satisfaction

    We will stand behind every product we sell.

    2. Premium Quality

    We never sell products if we are not 100% proud of its quality.

    3. Products For Everyone

    Affordability and best value for money for our customers.


    We have conceptualized our anti-pollution mask with some unique features like ear loop design, comfortable skin-friendly breathable fabric, six-layered active carbon filters, adjustable Velcro and one-way discharge valves.

    Our mask is essential for healthy breathing which ultimately leads to healthy living. You should never compromise on your health when it comes to breathing.


We welcome your feedback and are always happy to answer any questions. Go ahead and reach out to support@fightechgear.com